Pre-Lab Questions

1. What is acid deposition?
pH must be less than or equal to 5
can be rain, snow, or fog, or even dry particles

2. What sulfur-containing and what three nitrogen-containing gases react with oxygen and water in the atm to form acid deposition? What are the names of the acids?
- sulfur dioxide (SO2)
- Nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2... NOx)
- the acids are sulfuric acid, nitric acid
- the weak acid causing acid rain is carbonic acid (H2CO3)

3. What natural events produce these gases?
- volcanic eruptions
- forest fires
- hot springs
- geysers

4. What anthropogenic source of sulfur-containing gas?
- coal burning electric utilities / fossil fuel burning locations
What is the major anthropogenic source of sulfur-containing gas in Canada?
- industrial plants
Major anthropogenic sources of Nox in US?
- coal burning plants & motor vehicles
Major sources of anthropogenic NOx in Canada?
- vehicles

5. What section of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments includes provisions about acid deposition?
- Title IV, controls levels of acid
- allowance trading system-- "cap and trade" market

6. What is the name of the Canadian program that regulates acid deposition?
- Eastern Canada Acid Rain Control Program