The Ceolocanth


Basic Facts:

  • Size: up to 6.5 feet
  • Weight: up to 198 lbs
  • Life-span: up to 60 years
  • Deep-sea creature living in depths up to 2,300 feet below the surface
  • Two known species of Coelacanths:
    • One that lives near the Comoros Islands off the east coast of Africa
    • One found in the water off Sulawesi, Indonesia

Unique Characteristics:

  • paired lobes that extend away from the body like legs and move in an alternating pattern
  • hinged joint in the skull which allows the fish to widen its mouth for large prey
  • an oil filled tube called a notochord with serves as a backbone
  • thick scales
  • electro sensory rostral organ in its snout to detect prey

Coelacanths were thought to have gone extinct 65 million years ago around the time that dinosaurs reached extinction. In 1938, a Coelacanth was discovered by a South African museum curator. At this point, a debate was ignited about how this lobe-finned fish fits into the evolution of animals.

The Association for the Preservation of the Coelocanth:

Current Efforts:
  • Community Education
  • Providing alternatives for fisherman in order to avoid Coelacanth habitat

Immediate Needs:
  • Increasing aid to local fisherman
  • commitment from government authorities
  • training programs for local village leaders
  • funds for the establishment of the coelacanth park and environmental education center

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